The CIM Project: Together We Bring Team Fibromyalgia to the Foot of the Highest Mountain in the World   November 2nd, 2022

CIM Project Is is a non-profit organization project promoted by technical sports personnel from mountain activities and health personnel, who work together to promote the development and practice of physical activity and sports, aimed at the inclusion of people with disabilities, chronicity or in the aging process, as well as different groups at risk of social exclusion, such as migrants, people with low economic resources, etc. for prevention, health promotion and therapeutic intervention in the field of nature and mountains.

CIM Project is not an inclusive mountain center aimed exclusively at people with disabilities, chronicity or within the aging process. We do not address any specific group or person, everyone has a space in CIM Project. We address ALL people!

We have people in our club who, before having a certain illness, had climbed mountains and their dreams of continuing to climb summits were cut short from one day to the next. At CIM Project we want to ensure that their dreams continue to be a reality and that their illness is not an impediment to continue pursuing what they liked the most and were excited about. The magic of all this is that we also have people who had never climbed the mountains before and who, due to their illness, have begun to exercise as a therapeutic tool and nature and the mountains have brought them closer to an unknown world, full of challenges and projects that they had never even imagined before and that allows them to continue trusting that life is worth living.

The desire to fly, dream and live life has no limits. People do have limits, but they are not always where we think. We want to keep pushing our limits further. And projects like these help us make them more bearable and surmountable. So, it's time to go to the Everest Base Camp (6346m)!!!! The time has come to bring, in an inclusive team, fibromyalgia to the foot of the highest mountain in the world!

Help us make this project a reality, which, without a doubt, for the people who are part of this team, represents a before and after in our lives. We are a very small organization, so any help will be greatly received and appreciated:

NAME: Associació Esportiva Projecte Inclusiu CIM (CIM Project)

IBAN ACCOUNT: ES31 2100 0126 1502 0071 1010


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