Moving on to movement in patients with chronic joint pain   May 9th, 2016

​In the new edition of ‘Pain: Clinical Updates’ we published in connection with the ‘2016 IASP Global Year Against Pain in the Joints’ an overview paper to help clinicians prescribing/developing exercise programs for patients with chronic joint pain.

Indeed, the sole modality that is always appropriate for chronic joint pain is physical activity or exercise. Clinicians often emphasize the relevance of both exercise and physical activity to manage joint pain, yet they often struggle to implement exercise interventions in clinical practice, especially for patients with chronic pain. We address what makes this so difficult, what are the barriers, and how clinicians can deal with them. The latter is summarized in the figure below.

Mira Meeus

2016  Pain in Motion

References and further reading:

‘Moving on to Movement in Patients with Chronic Joint Pain’ by Mira Meeus, Jo Nijs, Paul Van Wilgen, Suzie Noten, Dorien Goubert, and Ivan Huijnen. Pain: Clinical Update 2016 (March); 14: 1.

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