WCPT Post-congress course: Osteoarthritis: Balancing Biomechanics with Pain Neuroscience   November 27th, 2016

​On the 5th of July, Dr Isabel Baert, Dr Enrique Lluch en Dr Mira Meeus, all Pain in Motion members, will give a post-congress course at the World Congress of Physiotherapy (WCPT), together with Dr Ina Diener, from Stellenbosch University and University of the Western Cape.

Both the congress and the post-congress course will take place in the beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

The aim of this course is to present a sound scientific rationale and practical guidelines for the application of a comprehensive physical therapy approach in patients with OA-related pain. Clinicians may find some practical problems when combining biomechanical approaches with more brain targeted approaches in a clinical setting, especially in a specific population like OA, where patients are often a bit older and tend to stick with pure biomechanical illness perceptions in line with the earlier understanding of OA. We will provide a rationale and tips and tricks to target the brain without ignoring the joints in patients with OA.

Learning objectives:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the current biomechanical and pain neuroscience insights in OA (mainly knee and hip OA).
  • Balancing hands-on and hands-off treatment in patients with OA, according to their clinical classification.

-Clinical reasoning and classification of patients with OA, taking into account both peripheral factors (biomechanical) and central factors (pain neuroscience).

Come and join us in Cape Town!

Mira Meeus

2016  Pain in Motion

Reference and registration:  http://www.wcpt.org/wcpt2017/courses

Mira Meeus, Ina Diener, Isabel Baert, Enrique Lluch