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WCPT Post-congress course: Osteoarthritis: Balancing Biomechanics with Pain Neuroscience

On the 5th of July, Dr Isabel Baert, Dr Enrique Lluch en Dr Mira Meeus, all Pain in Motion members, will give a post-congress course at the World Cong...

Joint Forces – working transdisciplinary

For centuries chronic pain has been viewed as a solely biomedical issue in the tissues. However, times are changing and we now know that (chronic) pai...

January 30th, 2017

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Changing our own (therapeutic) behavior is more difficult than changing our patients’ behaviour

The biomedical model falls short in explaining chronic pain. Although many clinicians have moved on in their thinking and apply a broad biopsychosocia...

January 11th, 2017
Pain attention: an important interaction

It is well established that pain has the function of maintaining the integrity of the body. Pain is an evolutionarily acquired alarm signal of bodily ...

January 9th, 2017

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